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This new video game project made by Muja is also becoming available on steam! Please consider checking out this Italian bruthah's new video game if you are or seem interested, and maybe consider helping a brother from another mother out?. K thxs baaah. You just ate my baked BRAAAAAAINS!!!!.

  1. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/muja/zombie-society-dead-detective

  2. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=895931670&result=1









Hey my Ng d00ds/peeps, That venom, a.k.a NightRaid-NG guy, wants people, random (Like me) or otherwise, to reach out, and help support his game grow in popularity, and maybe even help out with the audio of each of the character's voices. So please check out this poor young man's game volt, or jolt rather sorry. I'm sure he would greatly appreciate it. I've looked at his overall game development, and so far it seems like it will be a pretty engaging game. I may even play the demo of this game when it comes out, for my own curiousity may get the better of me! hahah. The OST for what I assume is for the game, is already out on there too, and is quite neat. So give that a listen as well if you very well wish. Alright mateys, You may as well peace out now like you've never peaced out before.


  1. Yes, The Madness Combat 2016 day has already past us by, and the official starting date of the Madness Combat Day 2016 is well, and truly gone/over with. However, I didn't do a tribute shoutout in the form of a measly newspost, to a particularly special Newgrounds day such as this one, as I usually do for the rest of them.
  2. But I am still in the mood for the reason of the Newgrounds season. So, here ya'll guys go! I hope you guys have a happy Madness-Orange-Krinkels-Gabriel-Barsch-Whatever Combatant thanksgiving! :D














Hey guys, I am offically back onto the chat room as of mid-August 2016. Today is my offical debut back. Thank you to RagonFighter the Orange Combatant, ChazDude the Comic legend (Sweet new little icon btw ~ ;), MemeFiend4 the Chatting Ace of Newgrounds, and Troisnyx the Musician (I hope you and your family also get better soon), for all of your positive feedback, support and encouraging messages on my last message newspost! My expiration date of being rageful, or having other complications, is DONE! Thank you very much for reading. I know I said not until 3 weeks, but it's been a little more then one week, and I am okay now tbh.




CD Player Holder



Aryye, Me trusty treasure box full of Irish gold!





Hello guys. I have some news to tell you guys, whoever cares to read this, or why I might not be on chat for a while. Today I ruthlessly attacked the innocent bystander mod Jay. He did not deserve this, nor was anything I accused him of true. I lied out of anger towards him, which doesn't make it right. I have too many home, and personal problems, and issues to be able to handle myself socially properly on a chat room atm. No pity, or remorse is needed for this. This is not a drama-attention-seeking post, this is a public apology to all those I may of hurt, including bumblefish and lila, I never meant to upset these people named here. I may of also offended 4cat by accident, of which I am sincerely sorry for, if I did. I understand if none of these people want to see me again. Which brings me to my next post... I have just talked to Mich again, and maybe I might just get a one month ban, just until I have a cool head on my shoulders. In which case, he wasn't able to ban me from offline the chat, due to Bren not incoding this particular feature into the chat's program yet. So, I will just stay off chat for about 3 weeks, and then I will be back :D!. Whether this is good news or bad news, I do not know. I also am sorry to Zooloo, if I have annoyed him also. These were the two mods, I gave shootouts to, and now I blew it for myself. I hope in the meantime, you can forgive me, for yourselves. And I can forgive myself, soon. But I do think this will work out for the best, for both me and Everyone. In the meanwhile, I will get right with myself, God, family, friends and everyone else. I will still use, and be on newgrounds for the other main things. As for the kids who had to read this, such as these two, Epicminion and Ragon, please do not worry about this one off newspost. It is all straighten out now, and I am all good ;)! EDIT: [Thank all of you guys, for all of your positive feedback, I have been receiving! :)!]



Head like a bloody orange. So I hope everyone here reading this newspost, has a spectacular, and timely planned out day today.


Yes, yes, I know, My puns were a whole lot of a cringe-infested, and poorly timed out joke.


But anyway, back to my point. These shout-outs I do to/on a particular ng day, are always short and sweet. So in short, don't waste your bloody time today, or else this big black clock will get ya. Well, he's actually green atm, due to his mid-day clockwise crisis, and/or fever! Wait, what did I just say? Whatever it was, I hope it doesn't get misconstrued by the Jews. NEWGROUNDS! CLOCKDAAY! TOM FULP - INATOR!



Now, the B emoji I have used for this newspost, is for 4 (Not to be confused with the other previous amount of 1s, that add up to the number 4, that are no longer in use, because I took off the "Insert/Remove Numbered List") main reasons. 1. It is a special-addition edition emoji, under the new Clock-Crew (Great work guys) emoji section. 2. It is a red letter B, and B is the first letter of my name. 3. The blood in my veins are red. 4. It is a relatively decent looking emoji. ENJOY ya pancake flipping lunatics!!, and if you don't watch the time fly by, the pancake's burn will flip into your eye!!


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The Rio de Olympics live streams...

2016-08-12 10:00:59 by 1000BucklesofVictory

Is anyone here watching any of the Rio de Olympics's various live streams? I am not an active live stream watcher, on any specific website, of the Rio de Olympics 2016. But I am genuinely curious what some of their live stories, interviews, Athletes, commentators, countries, the olympic competitions and pre-shows are like. Plus some of the other outside stories already surrounding, the Rio de Olympics 2016, are already causing an outbreak of... of stuff lel. Oh great, the live stream I am watching it on, went mute already -_-. Oh, there it goes again lel.





















Sorry it is sidewards, or sidefards. That is the way my iPhone 6s uploaded it unto my computer :(. But hey m8!, don't you fret! Turn that frown upside down!!!! Oh right, I wish I could turn this picture rightside up tho... :( .. :| .. :) .. :D Also, if you guys ever feel like playing 1 vs 1 against me on Combatants, feel free to, and I will! :D Also, do you notice that little sneaky-cheek bomb, my Poptropica avatar is holding, rather casually in his hand?

  • Note: These are only my personal opinions and thoughts. Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts is not a bad game, in fact it is a great game and creative by itself, however as a Banjo Kazooie game, it falls short. There are quite a few reasons for why I have a bit of a problem with it: One of them is the over sexualization of Humba Wumba.
  • Another problem is that the game runs on certain dynamics, which help make it less enjoyable as a platformer, but more able as a car machine processor. In the words of JonTron "This should of been called TipTup: Nuts and Bolts, not Banjo-Kazooie." And "I hate the fact that I have to hate this game" In which case I don't hate BK:N&B, I quite like the game mechanics. I like that some parts were quite challenging, some were a bit too easy, and some were over the top at hardness, but other than that, it was quite a good challenge and it gave me some time to pass.
    While Watching Mikey's Walkthroughs (a YouTuber)'s Let's Play commentary on it, I found and he also noticed in the last episode of his let's play, Part 33, A part where Gruntilda goes into an Egyptian like pyramid with an eye symbolism at the top, which suggests and even hints at the Illuminati conspiracy theories. I also like the fact that I can build a whole variety, and diversity of things with my blueprints and car parts, such as Super Mario or a Bat mobile. The whole of the levels and worlds, seem like wastelands that weren't finished yet, or were half developed at least. It is like someone making Mario City Simulator on the Nintendo consoles, or Zelda: Modern Warfare 3. It just doesn't suit or fit into the actual game dynamics. I do like the originality of it and the creativity of it tho. So, Here are my top 5 pros, and cons of this game: 
    1: It is more of a spin off rather than a sequel, such as Banjo-Threeie was supposed to be. 
    2: It can get overly tedious, not boring however, but some of their challenges can get tediously dull when repeated or done over and over again. This can also be said for the last two games, but the last two games had more of a flow to them. 
    3: It is all over the place. What I mean is, it is not structured, or routined enough to the point of it being actually quite messy. 
    4: L.O.G seems like a blasphemous takeover title, of the Lord of hosts, making God look like an over powering dictator, subliminally messaging this to us through our subconscious. I could be wrong on this point I just made however, so I'll like to be corrected. Thank you. Also, L.O.G could also represent Microsoft, and what they did to Rare, making their game more about Cars than platforming, and he breaks the fourth wall alot. 
    5: Spiral Mountain is trashed a bit. Mountains can't be friends :-(, also you cannot respawn your item, while you are doing a mission. Here are my top five pros: 
    1: It has stunning new graphics, new ways to play, and a newer enhanced gameplay. 
    2: The environment and areas feel fresh, new and better than ever. (This may seem contradictory, to my previous statement)
    3: You get to explore Banjoland and the factory, which happen to be my two best favorites. 
    4: Some funny lines spewed out by Grunty, and the gang, with their suggestive cameos. 
    and finally, number 5: The game's area, and backgrounds feel very realistic. This is not what makes a game good however, but for this addition I will give it a plus. I don't want to just go mindlessly and aimlessly towards tradition, in this case, it would have worked out better, if they stayed and stuck to the original series outlook. It is not a bad game. It is quite enjoyable and good. But, I think the reason why so many Rareware fans didn't like or enjoy this game, is because it is sort of like a blasphemous sin, against the entire Gaming community of the earliest Banjo Kazooie game (Credit to Jontron). I've seen a great many reviews of this game, some critics liked this game, some critics were neutral (like me), and some of them hated this game. It is a 20/20/20 percentage of people who happened to agree to disagree. You should've seen the stories on Creepy pasta about this: Satan eating cheeze wizz while playing this game in Hell. Anyway, back to my written down game review. The main highlight of the game, was definitely the mini-flash game "Kongo Saves Teh World", and the soundtrack, done by ours truly, Grant Kirkhope, Robin Beanland and Dave Clynick. I am extremely excited, and looking forward, to how legeandary Rareware Composer Dave Wise's instrumentals, will sound like in Yooka-Laylee! :-D!
    I suggest looking at the Completionist, That One True Gamer, CGRundertow, NintendoCapriSun, and Yurioofwind's Review of Banjo Kazooie. You should probably have a look at AntDude's one as well. They would be my top people on who I'd suggest, when searching for what the original Banjo-Kazooie games were like, when compared to this newer version. Also if you wanna see the legacy of Stop n Swop, the Retrospective History of BK, Cameos, Remixes, and the Rated E series... see Beta64, YankeeGamer5, TheGameDirect, and ThumpsUpMaster. It would also be better, if they let you go into certain areas of this game, instead of making those areas closed off until you reach a certain abjective in the game.                                                                                                                                                https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=er1DWnAzYr0

  • The Blockhead series on here, created by Bella-The-Swain, okay so just The-Swain, are literally one of the most amazingly hilariously classic, and fun to watch episodes, I have ever watched on the Movie portal. Blockhead reminds me so much of my own personality. They especially remind me of how I was like, as a teenager in high school. I nicknamed myself the "God of Annoyance" once, while on a field trip to the Egyptian part of the Museum... And I proudly give this badge(r) of honour to my frigga (the friend word plus something else) Blockhead. X'D |*| Oooooh Caaaanadaaaa. Whoops, the colours on Blockhead's clothes made me think he was a Canadian boy, eh boi? Myy bad, I made a boo-boo, yeeeah.
  • Thank you The-Swain-Flu, I mean The-Swain, sorry, I have a runny nose :/, for creating these epic+awesome-sauceness series/episodes of Blockhead!!!! He is so much better than Pico-mon or Salad Toenails!!!!!!
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